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Fluoridated Water Is Coming To Ararat: Three Answered Questions About Fluoride

by Brett Clark

By the end of 2015, water for Ararat in Victoria will be fluoridated by a new addition to the Ararat Water Treatment Plant. At present, 90% of Victorians drink water that contains fluoride, but as an Ararat parent, you may have some concerns about whether it will affect the health of your child. Here are three main points you need to know about fluoridation in drinking water.

Why Is Fluoride Added To Water?

The main reason for fluoride in drinking water and toothpaste is to minimise the chance of tooth decay occurring. Every time your child has something to eat or drink, the sugars found in these foodstuffs can cause bacteria to grow in the mouth. When the bacteria are left unchecked, tooth decay occurs.

Fluoride is added to the water to stop this tooth decay from happening. It combines with the enamel on your child's growing teeth and strengthens them so that they are not as likely to be penetrated by the bacteria.

While fluoride does protect teeth, some parents are concerned that drinking fluoridated water is dangerous to a child's health.

Are There Any Dangers From Drinking Fluoridated Water?

The dose of fluoride that is added to Victoria's water is small, and adheres to the recommendation by the World Health Organization of one part per million.

The only problem from fluoride is more likely to originate from your child brushing their teeth. When young children eat the toothpaste, rather than spitting it away after cleaning their teeth, mild fluorosis can occur. This leads to white specks being visible in the enamel of the teeth, but these specks can be removed by your dentist using micro-abrasion.

If you still do not feel comfortable about your child consuming fluoridated water, then you need to consider other water options for them.

Can You Filter Fluoride Out Of Your Drinking Water?

If you are dead set against the idea of your children drinking fluoridated water, then you can purchase filters in your home hardware store that can be attached to your household taps to filter the fluoride out. Alternatively, you can purchase bottled distilled water at your supermarket and give this to your child instead.

However, if you still have questions as to whether your child will benefit from drinking water that contains fluoride, then you should make an appointment to speak to their dentist. It is estimated that children in fluoridated water areas are 50% less likely to experience the tooth decay of children with no fluoride in their water. That means less dental visits, lower dental costs, and bigger smiles on your kids. For more information, contact a dentist, such as those found at Aim Dental.