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5 Signs You May Need to Have Your Dentures Relined

by Brett Clark

While it's common to experience some discomfort when your dentures are first fitted, they should feel comfortable and sit firmly in place after that initial period has passed. However, the shape of your jawbone and gumline will change over time as part of your natural aging process, and that can mean your dentures no longer fit as well as they once did. Once that happens, you can have your dentures relined. This simply involves reshaping their underside in order to match the changes inside your mouth.

Here are just five signs you may need to have your dentures relined.

1. Your Dentures Feel Loose

One of the clearest signs that your dentures no longer fit properly is that they start to feel a little loose. You may find yourself having to adjust them more frequently or use more adhesive than before to keep them fixed in place. You may also feel they aren't sitting as firmly when you talk or eat.

2. You're Experiencing Discomfort

When your dentures are fitted securely within your mouth, they may start to move so slightly you don't even notice. However, that persistent movement can cause rubbing or pinching within your mouth, so you may experience pressure spots that seem to grow worse over time. This can be serious since rubbing and pinching can damage your gums and potentially lead to an infection, so it's important to see your dentist right away.

3. You Have Difficulty Chewing

Chewing puts a lot of pressure on your dentures, so many people's first sign that a relining is necessary comes when they are eating. If chewing your food becomes painful or simply doesn't feel as natural as it once did, you may need nothing more than a simple denture relining to get things back to normal.

4. You Notice a Change in Appearance

Your natural teeth play a role in maintaining the shape of your face, especially of your cheeks. Dentures can take over this task, but they won't perform it as well when the jawbone and gums start to change shape themselves. If you look in the mirror and notice a change in the appearance of your cheeks or jawline, your dentures may need to be adjusted.

5. You've Gone More Than Two Years

All dentures will need to be relined eventually, so most dentists will recommend visiting about every two years to have them checked and arrange any necessary adjustments. That's more than enough time for your gums and jawbone to change shape, so it's worth going to see your dentist even if you haven't noticed any of the signs listed above.

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