Dental Implants: Pros and Cons

  • 3 Common Reasons You Have a Toothache

    14 December 2021

    A toothache can be a result of several dental issues, some that you might not be aware of until it's too late. Thankfully, you can protect against these dental issues if you maintain good oral hygiene. Good oral hygiene practices start with simple habits like brushing and flossing your teeth regularly. Also, a routine visit to your dentist might do you a lot of good. However, if you do get a toothache, it might help to understand the main reasons why.

  • Key Services That Dentists Offer Under General Dentistry

    25 October 2021

    When you think about oral care, the first few things that come to mind include brushing your teeth at least twice a day, flossing and avoiding smoking or excessive alcohol. However, few people include visiting a general dentist on the list. While your teeth and gums might look okay, only a general dentist can give you a clean bill of health. Still, most people question why they should book an appointment with a general dentist.

  • Prosthetic Dentistry: A Guide

    22 September 2021

    Prosthetic dentistry is a recent field of dentistry that has been developed to replace missing teeth. A dentist may use dental implants, crowns, dentures or soft tissue transplants to restore the oral health and function of patients who have lost their natural teeth through injury or disease. In many cases, prosthesis-based services also provide an opportunity for reconstructive surgery that can help both the aesthetic and functional aspects of a patient's smile.

  • Wisdom Teeth Removal: What to Expect

    23 July 2021

    Wisdom teeth removal is a rite of passage for many young people. Wisdom teeth that are left in place can become impacted and develop an infection or push other teeth out of their correct alignment. If you are planning to have your wisdom teeth removed and are not sure what to expect, the following information could be helpful. Before Wisdom Teeth Removal Before wisdom teeth removal, you will have a chance to meet the dentist who will be carrying out the extraction.

  • Important Reminders When Preparing to Visit your Periodontist

    24 June 2021

    Dental health is an important part of general body health. Experts recommend that people have a dental checkup at least twice a year. While a general dentist can help with most of the common oral issues, some conditions may need specialized care. That's where periodontists come in. With additional specialized training, they can deal with complex dental issues like dental implants, oral inflammation, periodontal diseases, etc. That said, many people dread a periodontist visit.

  • How to Create an Effective Dental Routine for Your Child

    18 May 2021

    Did you know that it's just as important to take care of your child's baby teeth as it is to take care of adult teeth, even if those baby teeth will eventually fall out? Healthy primary teeth help guide adult teeth into the right place, ensure your child can eat and talk properly, boost self-esteem, and keep your little one free from oral discomfort. As such, it's crucial that your child follows a good dental routine to keep their teeth clean and bacteria-free.

  • A Problem at the Base: Abfraction Lesions and Your Teeth

    6 April 2021

    The loss of any of your tooth structure can be a cause for alarm. Your tooth is compromised and will continue to deteriorate, and it doesn't matter if the loss was due to an accident that damaged a tooth or if the loss was gradual and caused by tooth decay. Accidents and decay aren't the only ways in which you can lose tooth structure. When structure is progressively lost towards the base of a tooth, you might be experiencing an abfraction lesion.

  • 3 Causes of Sensitive Teeth and Why You Should See a Dentist for Treatment

    23 February 2021

    Tooth sensitivity can be extremely limiting and also annoying to deal with. It can strike at any time, and it takes the fun out of enjoyable activities like eating ice cream or other cold foods. Tooth sensitivity can also present itself when you eat fruit with citric acid and also when you eat extremely hot foods. The problem with tooth sensitivity is that the problem does not always go away by itself.

  • Can You Replace a Single Tooth With Dentures?

    7 January 2021

    One missing tooth can change your mouth in many ways. A missing tooth will affect the way you eat, the way you smile and even the way you speak. But replacing a tooth can be expensive and invasive. Fortunately, you can replace a single tooth with a partial denture. 1. Partial dentures or flippers can replace a single tooth Dentures usually replace at least two or more teeth. But you can still replace a single tooth with a partial denture or flipper.