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3 Causes of Sensitive Teeth and Why You Should See a Dentist for Treatment

by Brett Clark

Tooth sensitivity can be extremely limiting and also annoying to deal with. It can strike at any time, and it takes the fun out of enjoyable activities like eating ice cream or other cold foods. Tooth sensitivity can also present itself when you eat fruit with citric acid and also when you eat extremely hot foods. The problem with tooth sensitivity is that the problem does not always go away by itself. 

You need to understand the things that might make your teeth extremely sensitive to help you change your oral care and hygiene. The following are three main causes of sensitive teeth and why you should see a dentist for treatment.

Brushing the Teeth Excessively

Brushing is good; it removes the food particles and helps ensure your teeth don't form a plaque coating, which leads to cavities. However, it can be harmful to overdo it. Toothbrushes and certain kinds of toothpaste can scrape off some of the enamel covering your teeth, exposing the dentin. You start feeling sensitive to hot and cold foods when your dentin is exposed.

For this reason, it is advisable to buy a soft-bristled brush. Also, limit flossing to once a day to minimise damage on the surface and structure of the tooth.

Eating A Diet That Is Too Acidic

Another reason why your teeth might become sensitive is when your food contains too much acid. An acidic diet corrodes the enamel, exposing the inner layers of the teeth. In some cases, the damage might go down to the level of the pulp cavity. An acidic diet can contribute to cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease. 

Some of the foods that fall into this category are coffee, wine, citrus fruit, juice, and pickled foods. You can minimize your intake of these products or ensure that you brush your teeth after you eat them.

Using the Wrong Whitening Products

Many whitening products are sold over the counter. People often overuse them because they are a quick fix for dull-looking teeth. It is advisable to always let a dentist handle the whitening process because they know the right way to achieve results without ruining your teeth. The professional will also give you appropriate intervals between the treatments to prevent sensitivity issues from occurring.

The most important thing is having a competent dentist that can guide you towards restoring your enamel. With the right products and oral health care, you can prevent corrosion of your enamel and get strong teeth.