Dental Implants: Pros and Cons

Can You Replace a Single Tooth With Dentures?

by Brett Clark

One missing tooth can change your mouth in many ways. A missing tooth will affect the way you eat, the way you smile and even the way you speak. But replacing a tooth can be expensive and invasive. Fortunately, you can replace a single tooth with a partial denture.

1. Partial dentures or flippers can replace a single tooth

Dentures usually replace at least two or more teeth. But you can still replace a single tooth with a partial denture or flipper. Partial dentures consist of a plastic base that is pink to match the colour of your oral tissues, and the metal framework that holds the denture together. Partial dentures stay in place with clasps that attach to your natural teeth, and they are easy to put in and remove at your convenience.

2. Partial dentures don't take long to create

Although dentures that replace multiple teeth usually take about three to six weeks to complete, partial dentures only take about one to two weeks in most cases. And some denture clinics can extract a tooth and replace that tooth with a partial denture the same day. If you need a new tooth quickly, a partial denture is a good option for you.  

3. Partial dentures are less invasive than other treatments

The invasiveness of dental implants and dental bridges puts some people off these approaches. Dental implants require surgery, and then months of healing. Dental bridges often put a strain on the adjacent teeth. A partial denture doesn't require surgery. Partial dentures also don't affect the surrounding teeth. Because partial dentures don't affect your teeth or gums in any way, they are a good option if you don't want to damage or alter the surrounding teeth.

4. Partial dentures are cheaper than other treatments

A partial denture with just one tooth will be much cheaper than a dental implant or dental bridge. If you can't afford an implant or bridge right now, you could first opt to replace your tooth with a partial denture. Later, when your finances improve, you could then replace the partial denture with either a dental implant or a dental bridge.

One thing to keep in mind if you opt to replace a single tooth with a partial is that you will lose some bone in the area of the missing tooth over time. This is a natural occurrence. As such, a partial denture is a good temporary measure for a few months or longer until you choose a more permanent option.

To learn more, contact local denture clinics.