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Key Services That Dentists Offer Under General Dentistry

by Brett Clark

When you think about oral care, the first few things that come to mind include brushing your teeth at least twice a day, flossing and avoiding smoking or excessive alcohol. However, few people include visiting a general dentist on the list. While your teeth and gums might look okay, only a general dentist can give you a clean bill of health. Still, most people question why they should book an appointment with a general dentist. This article highlights critical services offered under general dentistry.

Preventative Services — As mentioned earlier, your teeth, gums and tongue might look fine and healthy, but the fact is that you are not in a position to make such conclusions. Notably, some oral conditions indicate the presence of other diseases in your body that you did not know existed. Therefore, if you assume that your oral health is up to scratch, then you might be in for a surprise. General dentistry allows dentists to examine and diagnose diseases you might be suffering from. Early diagnosis is particularly essential since it goes a long way in preventing potential diseases from becoming worse. Moreover, general dentists can refer you to other specialists for further check-ups if they determine that you have an underlying condition. For instance, studies have shown that there is a direct relationship between oral health and heart disease. Therefore, when a general dentist spots such symptoms, they will refer you to a cardiologist for further evaluation.

Restorative Services — When you identify a dent or a scratch on your car's body, the most logical thing to do is take it to an auto shop for restorative bodywork. General dentistry functions the same way as far as therapeutic services go. For example, when your dentist finds a problem with your teeth or gums, they will administer the appropriate treatment in good time. An excellent example of restorative services offered under general dentistry is scraping plaque from teeth and filling cavities. Additional therapeutic services include re-installing knocked-out teeth and installing dental crowns, bridges and dentures.

Cosmetic Services — While most general dentistry services lean towards health, some are cosmetic. Most people today go for teeth whitening procedures to achieve sparkling pearly whites to boost their look and appearance among their peers. For instance, if you want to fill the large gaps between your teeth, a dentist applies a tooth-coloured resin to the spaces. Another cosmetic procedure that general dentists perform is gum shaping or contouring for patients with high or low gums. Notably, these cosmetic procedures are designed to give you a new smile and boost your self-confidence.