Dental Implants: Pros and Cons

Dentures: Choosing an Ideal Adhesive

by Brett Clark

The loss of teeth can be stressful, and it will affect your oral function and aesthetic. This dental condition can occur due to severe tooth decay, periodontal diseases and even accidental injury. Fortunately, you can regain your dental capabilities and restore your appearance by using dentures from a place like Belmont Denture Clinic. Dentures are prosthetic devices which are designed and fabricated to replace missing teeth. The product is typically supported by the hard and soft gum tissues in the oral cavity.

Your dentist will recommend this dental solution if you have lost all or most of your teeth. You will need complete or partial dentures, and you will need to select between removable and fixed dentures. Additionally, it is important to choose suitable support for the prosthetic. The primary choices are dental implant support and direct bonding to the gum. If you settle on the latter, you can get better support by using adhesive. Here are the main forms of denture adhesives to consider for purchase.

Denture Cream

Denture creams are paste-like adhesives, and they are favourable because they provide the strongest grip. Basically, you will need to apply the dental 'glue' on the inner part of the denture that attaches to the gum. The denture should be clean and dry to ensure maximum adhesion, and you should be economical with the application.

 If you utilise too much glue, it will leak from between the gum and dentures, making the removal process difficult. The denture cream will hold the device securely against your gum, but some people find it uncomfortable. This can be mainly attributed to the glue residue which is hard to clean. If you experience difficulties, acquire a soft but fairly abrasive cloth, and wipe the gum for ideal results.

Denture Powder

If the denture cream does not suit your oral goals, you can purchase the powder alternative. You will only need to sprinkle some of the denture powder on the interior part of the device and place it in your mouth. When you press firmly, it will stick securely. Basically, the powder works by mixing with the moisture in the mouth to create a paste. This option is easier to clean, but the grip is not as secure.

Denture Wafers

Denture wafers are adhesive strips that are double-sided. They are designed in this manner to allow one side to stick to the denture and the other to the gum. The extra wafer cushion provides more physical comfort. Additionally, these denture adhesives are easy to remove. Unfortunately, the wafer leaves food between the gum and dentures which can be inconvenient.