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Why You Should Research Emergency Dentists for Your Vacation

by Brett Clark

Being on vacation is a wonderful experience. Doing what you want when you want, being free to not go into work and have more than two days off in a row is a joy. You can be swimming or enjoying an appetizer when something happens to a tooth or your dentures crack and you need an emergency dentist while on your vacation. This could potentially ruin a vacation if you aren't able to taste local delicacies. For example, if you wear dentures, you may end up with a crack or break in them due to an accident. This means they are useless to you, or even painful, until you can get them fixed. This may require an emergency dentist and knowing where one is located can save you time.  Here are a few other reasons you may want to check into emergency dental options before you start your vacation. 


Always make sure there are dentists available at your vacation spot. While there are dentists in most areas, there are some remote areas that may not have a dentist close by. You may even be on a resort for the vacation and assume that there is an emergency dentist, when in fact there may not be.  If you cannot find any on your own, try asking the hotel where you are going to be staying if they can send you listings of any local dentists in the area that cater to emergencies.


Of course, there can be dentists everywhere at your vacation spot and not one of them take your insurance. That is why it is important to make sure there is at least one that offers services to patients with your insurance. There are also questions you can ask your insurance company that directly involve your coverage. You can ask your insurance company if there is a dentist at your vacation spot that takes your insurance in case there is an emergency.

Dental Services

If there are dentists that cater to emergencies and take your particular insurance at your vacation spot, the next question should naturally be what services those dentists offer. One dentist might not fill cavities, another might not replace a broken crown. If you are a denture wearer, the questions should pertain to periodontics. The services a dentist offers on an emergency basis will let you know which ones you will have to go to in case there is an emergency.

Whatever the problem is, don't let a problem with a tooth ruin the dream vacation that you have so carefully planned, thought out and reserved well in advance. Having information on emergency dentists in the area of your vacation could mean the difference between getting to go to the restaurant that was reserved in advance and having to stay at the hotel in bed with a toothache.

If you have any questions about how to address dental issues on vacation, speak to a local dentist before your departure.