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What to eat during the first days when having adult braces on

by Brett Clark

With new adult braces, you can expect your mouth to feel quite different. As a result, you will need to change your dietary habits for the first few weeks as you get accustomed to your new adult braces. Here are three suggestions on the best types of foods to eat during the first several days after getting braces.

Go for a smoothie

Smoothies are an excellent option for a tasty meal in a glass, providing convenient, healthy diet option. Mix whatever you want in a blender, include protein to give it a fulfilling effect and even add spinach leaves. The following is a typical example of a sumptuous yet healthy smoothie recipe.

  1. Milk
  2. A cup of frozen berry mixture
  3. Two or three large spoons of vanilla yogurt
  4. Spinach leaves
  5. Several ice cubes

Add all these mixtures in a blender and blend until fully smooth. Serve the resulting smoothie in a glass and enjoy.

Soft foods

Normal chewing may be quite impossible during the first few days of having your new adult braces on. This means you will have to go for soft foods. But that's alright. Go for something soft but tasty such as a tasty like mashed potato and tender turkey. Chili, soups, oatmeal, pudding and yogurt are all excellent options during the initial days with adult braces. Likewise, avoid hard, sticky foods like nuts, sweets and gum that may stick on the braces when eating and give you a hard time to clean out.

Stay healthy

Don't be a victim of the ice cream temptation. Sure, an ice cream is excellent for a treat, however it will not afford you the necessary nourishment you need to strengthen your teeth and gums. Because you're advised to eat soft foods doesn't equate to eating unhealthy. The following are suggestions for food choices on a typical day after getting your adult braces on. For breakfast, you can eat scrambled eggs with a fruit smoothie. For your morning snack, include one or two cubes of tender cheese, like a banana. For your lunch, prepare tomato soup and a fruit salad. Finally, have mashed potatoes, meatloaf or gravy for supper coupled with maple syrup. And of course, always stay hydrated by maintaining high water intake during the day. Additionally, stay clear of sugary drinks like soda and sports drinks as they contain high acidic content which lead up to tooth decay and cavities when you're having adult braces on.

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