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3 Possible Outcomes Of Combining Cigarettes And Coffee

by Brett Clark

A cup of coffee followed by a puff of nicotine may sound like the perfect way to kick-start the day for some people. Cigarettes have an abundance of nicotine while coffee is rich in caffeine, both of which are stimulants.

However, combining cigarettes and coffee can have some not-so-pleasant effects. This article explains three of these possible effects for the benefit of cigarette smokers who also have a close relationship with caffeine.

Increased Bowel Movements

This is one of the most immediate possible outcomes of combining nicotine and caffeine. In a large number of cases, individuals will get the urge to go for a long call after taking a puff and/or after having a cup of coffee.

The logic behind this is relatively simple. The human body has neurons that contain nicotine receptors in various places including the brain and the colon. When nicotine gets into the brain, it binds itself to the nicotine receptors and it changes the structure of these receptors. When the structure of nicotine receptors in the colon is changed, the receptors tend to relax. Thus, the waste products contained in the colon are allowed to "move along" so to speak.

Coffee on the other hand, is known to encourage the secretion of gastrin within the digestive system. Gastrin is a body hormone known to increase the contraction and relaxation of the colon. This explains why coffee is often linked to increased bowel movements.

Stained Teeth

Another not-so-pleasant possible outcome of combining cigarettes and coffee is that the combination is known to accelerate the rate of tooth discoloration in affected individuals.

The enamel in a human tooth has microscopic pits and ridges. Food particles often get trapped in these pits and ridges. Coffee contains dark-coloured pigments while cigarettes contain traces of tar, both of which can easily get trapped in the mentioned pits and ridges.

Over time, the accumulation of tar and the accumulation of dark-coloured pigments on the enamel will result in the discoloration of teeth. Thus, combining cigarettes and coffee may eventually lead an individual to the office of a cosmetic dental health practitioner. For more information, contact a business such as Creative Dentistry.

Constricted Blood Vessels

Last but not least, cigarettes and coffee are a bad combination for the individual's blood vessels.

Caffeine and nicotine are known to be vasoconstrictors. This means that the two substances are known to constrict blood vessels within the body. Constricted vessels will limit the quantity of blood that flows through these vessels. Thus, the individual's veins and arteries will not be in a position to supply sufficient blood to the various parts of the body where this blood is needed.