Dental Implants: Pros and Cons

Considerations of Pain Management and Tooth Replacement

by Brett Clark

One of the key points that many dental patients consider when looking at a dental procedure is pain. They want to know if their current pain will be elevated from tooth replacement options, when it will happen, and most of all what to do about the pain following the procedure. There is also worry that some of the pain options may only be heavy prescription drugs that will hinder going back to work or cause addiction issues. Before you step into the misconceptions of pain management and tooth replacement, consider the following.

Past Addiction Issues

If you have a past history with addiction, you may be concerned that the pain medication offered may lead you back to addiction. The truth is, many dentists will work with you if you have this type of past circumstance. They may offer you less addictive prescriptions, or try to work with you on a pain management plan that includes counseling to help you work through the pain prescription without returning to an addictive state. There may also be natural options, such as clove oil for pain, that may be used as well.

Natural Options

As previously mentioned, there may be natural options for pain that you can do in place of prescription medications. Keep in mind that these particular options may have to be used sparingly, may not have the same effects as prescription medication, or may need to be given several times over the course of the day in order to work effectively. Some of these options may be a clove oil and carrier oil solution applied directly to the source of the tooth. Carrier oils are usually coconut oil, almond oil, or some other form of mild oil. Before using this option, make sure to ask your dentist so they can tell you when it is safe to apply the solution. For indirect tooth pain management, you may be able to use turmeric powder or milk. This can be taken orally and has been known to help with inflammation.

Diet Considerations

A consideration when you are thinking of pain management and your tooth replacement options is your diet. Your dentist may tell you to avoid certain foods for the first few days following your tooth replacement. This may include hot foods or cold foods that can cause tooth sensitivity and increased discomfort. Your dentist may also ask you to stick to soft foods or even meal replacement shakes for a small amount of time depending on the severity of the tooth replacement procedure.

These are just a few of the pain management considerations to keep in mind with your tooth replacement surgery. For any questions or to come up with a suitable aftercare plan, contact a dentist for a consultation.