Dental Implants: Pros and Cons

Denture Repairs Lead to Comfortable and Healthy Dentures

by Brett Clark

Dentures are a great solution for people who have undergone teeth removal to keep their mouths and surrounding tissues functional. They reduce the inconvenience of not having teeth. Dentures normally come in two types: partial and complete dentures. Complete dentures are used to replace all missing teeth, while partial dentures are used only for partial replacement.

As important as dentures are for those who use them, most users tend to put off denture repair until a time when they can no longer use their dentures. This is concerning because denture repairs need to be regularly carried out in order to maintain the quality and functionality of your dentures.

What do denture repairs involve?

Simply put, a denture repair is a fix that is carried out by a dentist on the denture itself. Common parts that need repair are the individual teeth, the gums and the surrounding framework.

Common denture repair techniques involve:

  • Denture relining: resurfacing the part of the denture that comes in contact with mouth tissues to ensure a proper fit.
  • Denture rebase: adjustment/replacement of the "gums" and teeth of the denture.
  • Adjusting areas of the denture that cause soreness.

Common denture problems

You may be wondering what makes it necessary for a denture to be repaired.


A dropped denture that ends up breaking is the most common cause for repair. In most cases, denture owners bang their dentures against the tap or drop them in the sink during cleaning. And while it may be difficult for a denture to break during a single fall, repetitive banging and dropping often weakens the denture framework and leads to breakages.

Wear and tear

Older dentures tend to become worn out due to the daily rigors of use. In addition, as the structure of your mouth continues to change, the fit of the dentures often becomes looser.

Loosely fitting dentures can sway back and forth constantly in your mouth, causing them to get worn out. Wear and tear as a result of heavy grinding of foods is also a regular problem.

Importance of denture repair

Denture repairs can correct breakages and restore your dentures to full working condition. In addition, they ensure the proper fit of your dentures as your bones and gums continue to adjust in size (denture relining).

In fact, dentures that don't fit correctly are a common cause for mouth infections, mouth sores and other issues. Denture repair enables you to avoid such problems by inspecting the denture framework and making sure it causes no irritations to the mouth tissue.