Dental Implants: Pros and Cons

Types of cosmetic dentistry to improve your smile

by Brett Clark

In the modern world, cosmetic dentistry continues to become popular day by day. Sometimes people want an extra bright smile while others take the path to fix what is broken. From whitening teeth to replacing and filling gaps, dentists now have all it takes to bring that smile back. However, before you decide to take the process, it's important that you completely understand what is involved so that you also are aware of what you expect. There are different procedures for different treatments, and the outcomes differ. For instance, the process on teeth whitening will vary from that of bridges and so on.  Below are some of the cosmetic dentistry methods that are commonly used.

Teeth whitening

Tooth discolouring is one of the most common problems that most people face. A couple of decades ago, discolouring of teeth was a common outcome due to failure of brushing one's teeth. Nowadays, this problem is also caused by the lifestyle you choose to live in. Regularly taking coffee, tea and consuming food and soft drinks is now the major reason that most people have discoloured teeth. This problem can easily be solved by a dentist using a chemical process to bleach your teeth, or they can give you a procedure to follow at home. Having the dentist do it is a safer way to avoid accidents or miscalculations in the procedure given.


Every person, especially in their early stages of life when fun means everything in the world, tends to take things to the extremes. During this period is the time that most people break, crack or chip their teeth. Luckily a dentist can fix this by a method called bonding. Again the procedure is different depending on what the problem is. The bonding material is used to fill cavities on the teeth or to fill the exposed part of the root. A deeply cracked tooth is filled with an etching solution followed by a material that replicates the colour of the teeth. Bonding can also be used to improve on how your teeth look in cases where your teeth have large gaps between them.


This method is mostly preferred by those that don't like to tamper with their teeth, whether broken or with spaces between them. The process involves custom-made shells that look like teeth to cover the damage from visibility. However, the dentist must first take the size and shape of the damaged tooth so that the shell fits perfectly. After they are made, the dentist then buffs the teeth and cements the veneer in place.

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