Dental Implants: Pros and Cons

  • Never Too Late for Tooth Whitening: 3 Last Minute Tooth Whitening Tips for Those With Little Time to Spare

    21 March 2017

    Did you know that 28 percent of people refuse to show their teeth for the camera when they know the picture will be viewed on social media? That's probably because photos have an irritating knack of highlighting flaws, meaning chipped, missing or yellow teeth stand out like dandelions in a field of daisies. Furthermore, during a social event, such as a wedding, graduation ceremony, corporate function or leaving party, it is almost impossible to hide from the revealing glare of the spotlight.

  • 4 Serious Problems That Can Result from Not Seeing a Dentist for an Extruded Tooth

    1 March 2017

    If you receive a hard knock to the mouth, it's possible that one of your teeth may be knocked out entirely. This is known properly as an avulsed tooth, but it isn't the only kind of injury that can occur. You may also suffer from an extruded tooth as a result of trauma. This refers to a tooth that has been knocked out of its usual position. Sometimes an extruded tooth will just be hanging by a few threads of remaining tissue, in which case you probably won't hesitate to see an emergency dentist.

  • How to Spot a Minor Dental Issue Before It Becomes a Problem

    29 December 2016

    According to the Oral Health Foundation, over a quarter of adults only book a dental appointment when they become aware of a problem. However, choosing to approach your oral health in this way comes with many risks. Dentists are trained to spot potential oral health issues with a quick examination, but unless you yourself are a dentist, it is likely that you might not identify a serious problem with your teeth or gums until the condition has become so bad that extensive dental work is needed.

  • Is It Advisable To Whiten Teeth With Strawberries And Baking Soda?

    13 December 2016

    If you have discolored teeth, you probably avoid smiling in photos.  Not only that, perhaps you also avoid flashing a smile while interacting with other people, even when you want to laugh. The whiter your teeth are, the more beautiful your smile is. Seeing a dentist or buying over the counter products can sometimes be costly. Thus, many people are always looking for ingenious ways to whiten their teeth.  One traditional way of whitening the teeth is using a mixture of strawberry and baking soda.

  • The Benefits of Saliva: 4 Ways that Saliva Benefits Your Teeth

    21 November 2016

    Most people don't think of saliva as being anything more than annoying or even disgusting. This especially true for those night-time droolers who frequently wake up to find that their pillow is now cold, wet and sticky against their cheek. However, despite its many downsides, saliva is one of your greatest allies when it comes to keeping your mouth healthy.  Without it, your mouth would be a very unpleasant place. In this article, you'll learn how important saliva can be to your oral health and how you can increase saliva production and flow to help you keep your teeth strong and healthy

  • Why Won't Your Dentist Use Veneers on Your Back Teeth?

    21 November 2016

    If you're looking to make your teeth look whiter or to fix small cosmetic problems, your dentist may recommend that you have your teeth covered with veneer shells. However, while your dentist may be happy to use veneers to cover your front and side teeth to fix your visible smile, they may not be so happy to use veneers on the rest of your teeth. Why is your dentist not happy about putting veneers on your back teeth?

  • A Date with Dentistry: Quick Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Before that Upcoming Dinner Date

    28 October 2016

    If you have an upcoming first dinner date but are less than satisfied with the quality of your smile, you might be considering canceling. Don't do it. There is hope. For starters, a recent survey by the Oral Health Foundation for National Smile Month, revealed that most respondents value personality over a smile. This means that whatever dental doubts you might have about your smile, your personality will probably shine through anyway.

  • Considerations of Pain Management and Tooth Replacement

    13 October 2016

    One of the key points that many dental patients consider when looking at a dental procedure is pain. They want to know if their current pain will be elevated from tooth replacement options, when it will happen, and most of all what to do about the pain following the procedure. There is also worry that some of the pain options may only be heavy prescription drugs that will hinder going back to work or cause addiction issues.

  • 4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Toothpaste

    21 September 2016

    Are you using the right toothpaste for your oral health needs? Although everybody uses toothpaste, many people stick with the same brand out of habit, without understanding how the various toothpastes in the grocery store differ from each other. By considering the following factors when you shop for toothpaste, you can be sure that you are giving your teeth and gums the protection they need. 1. Does Your Toothpaste Contain Fluoride?

  • Concerns Everyone Should Share With Their Dentist

    9 September 2016

    When you visit your dentist, don't assume that you should just sit in the dental chair and let him or her do their job, without telling them about certain health concerns you have; they may find some problems on their own, but it's up to you to alert them to things that may not be so obvious. Note a few concerns you should share with your dentist and why he or she should know about these problems when it comes to your oral health.